PT.Trust Consulting Group was founded in Jakarta in 2005 with anotary deed of No. 43, is a company which is currently being developed which is engaged in Businessand Financial Consulting. Werealizeth at quality is a major, and as a motto weal ways put our Klein satisfaction and motivationare supported from the shareh olders in PT.Trust Consulting Group, where the shareholder shave a high commitment to wards the highest levels in order to meet the standard in an international business consulting.

PT.Trust Consulting Group has an excellent reputation in quality in terms of service to clients, and are often doing seminars and training forl arge companies in jakarta.


Executive Summary

Address : Trust Office Park, Kav Agraria blok E no: 6F, Jl Raya kalimalang Jakarta Timur 13440
Phone : (+62 21) 8617170
Email :
Website :


Komisaris Utama : DEDY HADIBRATA
Komisaris : Rd RIO WIARNI



PT.Trust Consulting Group was established by virtue of deed No.43 dated 12 July 2005, of notary Misahardi Wilamarta,S.H. Jakarta.


Line of Bussiness

PT.Trust Consulting Group is engaged in Business  and Financial Consulting



PT.Trust Consulting Group having domicile at Trust Office Park, JL Raya Kalimalang, Kav Agraria blok E no 6F, Jakarta Timur, Postal Code 13440



Tax Payer Identification Number

The NPWP number is               02.399.


Structure Organitations

There is a board of Director supervised by president Commissioner and one member of Commissioner. It consists of four departements, i.e: Administration and Finance Departement, Marketing and Bussines Development, and Legal and Corporate Departement.


Organisational Chart


Group Commpanies

The company has a group that is engaged in, among others :

  1. JNJ café & bakery

      Is engaged in café and bakery industry, has 3 branches in Jakarta and bogor area

  1. Trust Energy Resources

     Is engaged in Contracto, Mining and Trading Coal.

  1. CV Trust Global Indonesia

     Is engaged in General Trading export

  1. Trust Office Park

     Is engaged in building office building


Activity Do We Ever Even Between Other

  1. February 2017, Forum in Amman Jordania, Tourism expo and Furniture Expo, speaker for RI jordania embassy
  2. February 2017.Explore Tunisia Tourism, as consultant Tunisia Embassy
  3. October 2016, organizing ‘Middle East Forum 2016 Palestine-Jordania-Lebanon”, at Double tree by Hilton jakarta
  4. September 2016, Trade expo 2016, speaker for RI Jordania Embassy in hebron, Ramallah, Bethlehem etc
  5. September 2016, As a lecturer Palestine Polytechnic University, hebron, palestine
  6. February 2016, As a lecturer Hebron Univeristy Magister Program, hebron, Palestine
  7. June 2015, As consultant tourism ministry, Jerusalem.
  8. 2015-2016 As a contributor and speaker in TV, Radio and magazine for tourism consultant
  9. March 2015 new product with Indosurya union, Surya tabgha saving account
  10. 2014 – 2017 As a lecture in Ministry of finacne RI, Binus university, Kwik Kian Gie business school, STMIK JIBES, etc
  11. September 2005, PT.Trust Consulting Group cooperation with Megalife Asuransi Jiwa – PRECEPTUAL POSITIONS Tools to understanding human mind
  12. March 2006, PT.Trust Consulting Group cooperation with STMIK JIBES Kelapa Gadingdan Erasmus Universitiet Roterdam -Seminar “Trends in Finance and investment Research Theory  vs. Practice” Mandarin Oriental Hotel Jakarta.
  13. Augustus 2006, PT.Trust Consulting Group cooperation with STIE IBII, BNI, Pas FM Jakarta,Media Investor, NatPac dan Fpai. – Building Your Financial Freedom, The Ritz Carlton Hotel Jakarta
  14. September 2006,PT.Trust Consulting Group cooperation with Jagadinata Consulting andUniversitas Bina Nusantara. – Executive Development Program, Universitas Bina Nusantara.
  15. Agustus 2015
  16. Juni-Juli 2015, Famtrip PT Trust Consulting Group with HIMPUH
  17. Agustus 2015 ,with Ambassador RI for Lebanon
  18. August 2016,Programme Surya Tabgha Live in MNC Business 
  19. March 2016, Faculty of finance and administration Hold a Lecture in The Pilot With D. Samir Abu Zneid Dean Fakultas keuangan dan administrasi Baldevp.
  20. Golden Acces : Live streaming Succes story with Mrs Yunni Indrani W 
  21. March 2017 link alhayatnews about mrs yunni interview with reporters Jordan.. 
  22. March 2017,Award The Best Restaurant JNJ Café & Bakery
  23. Hebron Palestine in Indonesia fellowship Assosiatin
  24. MNC Business Chanel-Palestine Tourism
  25. Etc